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Affordable cat ears

::waves:: Hello, just rejoined the community a few days ago (formerly known as lemmonkitteh). But anyway I'm back and here to share information to those who have the jewelry boutique Claire's in their area.

I decided to stop by Hot Topic a few days ago to see if they had any cat ears in yet; the girl working there said they wouldn't have any in until late September. So I guess I just got a little over eager and hopeful. But before I left the mall I suddenly decided to swing by Claire's. Luckily they already had their Halloween jewelry and things out.

The good thing about Claire's is that they have more than just a plain black pair of ears. I ended up with a sequined pair on a headband, very pretty. And I also bought three pairs of clip on ears. One black, one leopard print, and the third was snow leopard print.

Headband cat ears: right around $8
Clip on pairs: $4 each

They also had cat ear/costume sets with the ears, tails and paw gloves/mittens for $12 a package.

I plan on going back to Hot Topic closer to Halloween and if I find anything good I'll share my findings. Other stores like K Mart/Big K may also have cat ears closer to Halloween, I found a really cute pair last year that's also really comfortable.

Hope this helps someone looking for a cute pair of neko mimi.
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