Immune to Gravity and Stuff (antirealitygirl) wrote in kitty_ears,
Immune to Gravity and Stuff

Let's do something -

This wasn't my community originally, but I was made into a mod, and eventually became maintainer when the original owner became too busy for it.

I feel bad for having totally flaked on doing things with this community. It really needs some love, doesn't it?

I would love to get suggestions on how we can liven this place up - Anyone?

Contests? New icons? New layout? Surveys? Something?? 

I may actually even post some of my kitty sets ^^:
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All of the above! It is kinda sad that it's just become an advertising community lately, so contests and surveys and stuff would be awesome. ^^ It's good to see a mod around; thanks for trying to make the effort!
I do watch and moderate, and try to keep advertisements limited, but this place has slowed down a lot over the years. =(

Can you think of suggestions for contests I can do? Maybe a layout contest or icon contest for starters? It'd be cool to have banners/link buttons and things too.
also your icon looks like that of the Dresden Dolls
That's who it is :)
I think trades would be awesome.
I think that would be a neat idea!
Maybe have a item creation contest? I do stuff like that on other forums for other items. How many other people here would like to go with a monthly theme of some kind? Like we could have pics of ourselves as "halloween kitties" ... "holiday kitties"... things like that.