Immune to Gravity and Stuff (antirealitygirl) wrote in kitty_ears,
Immune to Gravity and Stuff

Wheels are turning. Contests!

Okay guys, I'm ready! Let's make some things happen in this community.

First, let's have an October contest! I want everyone who reads this to comment and let me know which contest to do, and I will launch it on October 1!

+ Style/Icons Contest for the Kitty_Ears layout, since I am buying a paid account and will be sprucing this place up.
+ Halloween Costume Photo Contest, where everyone dresses up in their best kitty garb, takes pictures and posts them for votes!
+ Best Handmade Kitty Set Contest, where we post the cat ears, tails and gear we've created and collect votes!

I also want to start a monthly kitty garb swap. I will post more about this soon, if I get enough feedback. Basically, anyone who participates will get secretly matched up with someone else (You will know who you get, but not who gets you), and you will make something for that person, whether it be ears, a tail, paw gloves, a hoodie, a full set, or any other kitty ear themed things you can think of. You'll have an entire month to create things, but if you do not participate after signing up, you won't be allowed to participate again. :( There will be a sending deadline.. I'd like to do a swap every month, so... let's start this asap!

What else do you guys want to do???

Also, if anyone has kitty ear themed websites, web shops, favorite kitty links, etc. .. Let me know.. I want to revamp the userinfo!!

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