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October Kitty Swap and Contest (Comments Screened)

Okay, folks. Let's get the ball rolling a couple of days early. I'm hoping this will maximize how many people end up participating, because the more participation we garner, the more easily we can get these things going in the future. We have two projects going on right now, an October 2008 Swap and an October 2008 Contest.

October 2008 Swap:

Here's the deal. Everyone who participates is going to make a package for someone else in the community. There are two ways to go about this: We can do it Secret Santa style where everyone gets a unique buddy, and no one knows who got them, or we can do it Swap Style, which means you get a partner and your partner gets you. I would love to get feedback on which is preferred, so when you sign up for the swap, kindly let me know which you prefer and we'll go by votes to see which type of swap we do this month. Also, please let me know if you are interested in themed swaps or just general swaps, or what.

So if you want to sign up for the swap, drop a comment in this post. Here is what it needs to say.
* Promise me you're in it for the month and absolutely will ship out your swap gift by October 21!
* Let me know where you live (City, State, Country) and whether or not international shipping is ok with you.
* Let me know which type of swap you want (Secret or Partners)
* Let me know if you prefer themed or just general swapping.
*** I need your e-mail address so that I can contact you with more information about the swap!!! (Comments below are screened)

Anything you want to gift to your buddy is fine - Handmade ears and tails, store bought accessories, kitty themed gifts, anything you like! Just keep it kitty themed, and on theme if we have one!

I need sign ups within the week! By Friday, hopefully so we can get started asap!

October 2008 Contest:

CHANGE OF PLANS. Let's do a "General theme" photo contest this month, so that NEXT month we can show off what we did for Halloween. I hope that's fair. Pics of you dressed up, pics of kitty ears you made, pics of your cats, I don't care! Let's share some photos :) When the voting happens, I'll assign different categories based on what was entered and we'll go from there!! =)

Ok, our October 2008 contest is Halloween themed! This is a photo contest that will run until the last day of the month. I'm not going to be really particular about what you submit this month since we are just getting started. Let's just say as long as it has something to do with kitties, and Halloween, you're good to go. If you want to dress up your cats, go for it. If you want to dress up like a cat, go for it. Anything goes as long as it is safe for the community and has to do with kitty ears and the Halloween season.

Post your picture in an entry with "October Contest Entry" in the subject line by October 31, Halloween. I will post an entry for voting the next day.

October Referrals Add On: 

We have been getting some interest but I'd like to see more. To get the most out of our swaps and contests we need more active members! If you refer a member and they participate in the contest or the swap this month, I will send you a kitty themed gift! ! ! I Make sure that anyone who joins and participates because of your referral mentions that in the body of their entry or sign up comment so I can keep track! =)

As always, feedback is appreciated, so let me know how I'm doing. This is a GRAND place to do it, because comments are screened!

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