Immune to Gravity and Stuff (antirealitygirl) wrote in kitty_ears,
Immune to Gravity and Stuff

State of the Community

Alrighty folks, I'm feeling a little discouraged here.

A month ago I posted about doing new layouts, contests, themed posts, swaps, and referral rewards.

Now that a month has gone by, I can say:

[x] 3 people participated in the swap, though I have no idea if anything was shipped or received.
[x] 0 people participated in the photo contest.
[x] 0 people participated in the referral bonus contest.

At 850 members, this is not the largest community by any means, nor is it the most active (obviously), but I did hope that more people would participate if I put effort into making things happen. The original maintainer let the community sit idle for a long while, and I'm really trying to get things hopping again.

I guess I need advice from you guys. Is it worthwhile for me to try and rally participation from the members of this community, or should I just let it go in the direction it's going on? I was sad seeing only promo posts and so few posts of other types. I really wanted to see more involvement here, but now I'm not entirely sure it's possible, at least not by myself.

Is there anyone out there motivated enough to help me get things hoppin'?

[ Bentley does not like Halloween so much. ]

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