susie_que (susie_que) wrote in kitty_ears,

Moving Sale

Permission from mod to post this has already been received:

I have 4 different color styles of kitty ears available listed below. Singles for $25.00 with free shipping within the USA, or buy 2 sets at 45.00 total still including free shipping within the USA.

Colors and stock available:

White fur with bubble gum pink fleece inside: 16 available
White fur with magenta fleece inside: 02 available
Pink fur with black fleece inside: 03 available
Pink fur with white fleece inside: 04 available

For safe delivery before Halloween, orders/payments will need to be placed and received by Friday Oct 23rd. I accept postal money orders and paypal. All of my ears are placed ona comfortable headband and have the capability of being adjusted on the head band. What does this mean? You can slide them as close or as far apart as you desire.

pics here
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