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Feline Fashion Crazy!

Boys & Girls with Ears!

Ears & Tails
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A place for boys and girls who are feline fashion crazy. Do you wear cat ears 24/7? Do you purr when you're happy? Do you greet people with a friendly "meow", rather than a hostile "hello"? Do any of your clothes have a tail attatched (visible or not..)? Have you noticed fur growing in unusual places? rawwwwr! If so, join up! :)

Maintainers & Mods:

Shop for Ears, Tails & More! Try these fabulous online stores!

* Kitty Treats: http://store.kittytreats.org

* Lion of the Sun: http://www.lionofthesun.com

* Moonlit Journey: http://minniemay9.moonlitjourney.com/

* Neko No Miko: www.nekonomiko.com

* Spunky Kitty: www.spunkykitty.com

* Wildilocks: www.wildilocks.com/

Kitty Ear Related Links!

* Kitty Treats Photo Album: http://www.kittytreats.org/coppermine/index.php?cat=2

* State of Anchovy: http://www.darkfurr.co.uk/

* Information on making your very own ears/tails/etc. is here!

The Rules! (There aren't many!)

* If your entry is not related to kitty ears in any way, it will be deleted without warning.

* Please do not make promo posts of any kind without permission from one of the moderators first. If you break this rule, you will be banned. This includes links to ebay auctions, related or unrelated communities, shops, etc. You're more than welcome to *ask* to make these posts.. But to prevent spam, we really need you to ask first. :) If you are posting with permission, please say so. If we don't know you have permission, we may accidently delete. ;)

* Quizzes, quiz results, surveys or memes of any kind are prohibited. :)